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Photostory: Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park

Photostory: Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park

A not so wonderful sight since we were there to see the flowers It was raining hard, and if you think commuting on a bus for two hours is a good time to rest… wait till the bus goes over the humps and bumps on the road. It was one hell of a bus ride [...]

Packing for Hokkaido in Spring

A week before the day of departure, it would be sensible to check the weather forecast at your destination first, in my case: Hokkaido. While you might think that spring is neither too hot nor too cold, when you finally get to experience what Hokkaido is like in spring, you would probably regret not bringing [...]

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to Los Angeles, California to attend my cousin’s wedding. In the process, I decided to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, a well-known amusement park that has thrilled both teenagers and adults alike. I must say that the experience I had there was absolutely spine-tingling [...]

-Photostory- Disney Hall

-Photostory- Disney Hall

Disney Hall, located in Los Angeles, California, is perhaps one of the most prestigious places for an artist to perform. It is considered equal to the well-known Carnegie Hall in Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

-Photostory- Sydney Underwater Aquarium

-Photostory- Sydney Underwater Aquarium

  During my long holidays, I would always tag along with my parents to Sydney, Australia, since my dad often went there for business trips. While we were there, we never failed to pay a visit to the Sydney Underwater Aquarium with every opportunity we had.

Traveling Without Stress

  Do you ever feel like you are under severe stress when traveling? Do you start to panic when you feel unsure about your booked tickets? Here are some easy tips to help you reduce your travel stress.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's

During the few weeks I spent with my brother, I realized there was this really odd supermarket found all over Los Angeles, California (in the United States) that I had never decided to step into because of its appearance. Finally, I decided to check it out, and I discovered the most organized and unique supermarket [...]

Photostory: Teddy Bear Museum

Article Written by aivilo! Are you fond of teddy bears? If you are, then the Teddy Bear Museum situated in Jeju (Cheju Island, South Korea) would be a great place for you to get to know more about these cute teddy bears!

Photostory – VivoCity: Like a Shopping Paradise

Photostory - VivoCity: Like a Shopping Paradise

Located at the south with the Harbourfront MRT Station as its doorsteps, VivoCity, being widely known as the largest shopping mall ever, is one of the few fast growing “attractions” in Singapore; it’s an alternate destination to spend your time apart from Orchard, also known as Central to many.

Ideal time to travel to Chile

CHILE Ideal travel time: November – April. The north of the country has a desert climate and it actually is good to visit almost throughout the year. The most ideal time however , would be for spring and autumn. During the winter (summer months in Europe) many places in the middle and south of Chile [...]