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Choosing A New Home

You are planning to sell your current house, which means that you need to find yourself a new home. You have some ideas in mind, but where do you start? Here is your ultimate guide to successfully find your new home. Remember that you will not find a house that perfectly suits all that you [...]

Gaming as a Hobby I: For Both the Young and Old

Gaming as a Hobby I: For Both the Young and Old

Before I even started elementary school, gaming has been a hobby of mine. Back then, I remembered having my hands all over the SEGA Genesis console and challenging my cousins every once in a while. During those days my parents and grandparents would often threaten to confiscate my beloved console every time they see me [...]

Get Rid Of The “Moving” Hassle

Get Rid Of The

Doesn’t thinking about moving to a new place just piss you off sometimes? It definitely is a hassle. I have experienced moving from house to house at least four times throughout my life now, including my move to the dorm in my university. Moving is definitely not pleasant. Here, I will tell you one of [...]

Conserve Our Water

Conserve Our Water

As the population increases, more water will be used. That means that more people will need to take showers, brush their teeth, drink water, and wash their hands. All of those activities require the use of water. With the amount of usable water decreasing tremendously, it is important that we get ourselves prepared to save [...]

Designing Your Child’s Room

Designing Your Child's Room

There are too many factors to consider in the process of designing your child’s bedroom. Does it suit his age? How do you make it so that it is safe? If architecture isn’t your major, you will need a few reminders for putting up the perfect room for your kids.

Manage Your Family’s Television Time

Manage Your Family's Television Time

There are many ways you and your family can decrease the amount of television you watch. Since television has become a new addiction for all children, teenagers, and adults today, it is extremely important that this problem is taken care of as soon as possible.

My Parents Hate Me!

It’s been a rough day for both you and your parents. You’re coming back from school, tired and sweaty. They’re coming back from work, not energetic and simply worn out. You ask them for help on homework, and they grumpily tell you to go back to your room and figure it out yourself. Later, you [...]

A Woman’s Therapy

While some men despise shopping, most women love it. Shopping can be most enjoyed after experiencing a hard time at work or at school. Shopping is not only for buying our basic needs, it also gives us a feeling of fulfillment and confidence. It has always been a form of therapy, especially when we do [...]

Tips on Removing Stains

Tips on Removing Stains

Can’t find a way to remove blood, grease, juice or gum stains from your clothes? Just follow these simple steps below and they’ll be gone in no time! Blood 1. Run the fabric under cold water or just soak it in cold water for 15 minutes. Be careful not to spread it! Remember not to [...]

Picking a Pro Painter

Picking a Pro Painter

Do you get tired of walking out of the house everyday and seeing the paint peeling and chipping off the side of your house? Does your deck need a little touch up? Well, painting a house is no simple task! Bending and reaching for the farthest nook and corner of the house might strain your [...]