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Adjusting With Global Recession

Adjusting With Global Recession

Though I’m not earning any money of my own yet, the global recession has affected my personal economy too. My parents, who haven’t cut down my allowance, have obviously been tightening their belts recently. So instead of spending their money for my own leisure while they’re the ones experiencing the crisis, I thought of how [...]

Saving Up

  Money makes the world go round. This may not sound 100% true to you, but I know that you’ll agree that money is a really important thing. Most of the things you own right now were bought with money—the items for sale at the mall that you wish to purchase and our everyday necessities [...]

A Woman’s Therapy

While some men despise shopping, most women love it. Shopping can be most enjoyed after experiencing a hard time at work or at school. Shopping is not only for buying our basic needs, it also gives us a feeling of fulfillment and confidence. It has always been a form of therapy, especially when we do [...]

How To Prevent Getting Scammed

How To Prevent Getting Scammed

“WHAT?” You scream into the phone. “What do you mean this house isn’t mine? I paid for it all at once!” You may think that your ears are deceiving you, but they aren’t. Fumbling around, you start cursing at the person who pretended to be you, the home owner. Yes, it’s their fault that they [...]

Unleash the Money Guru in You

Admit it—money doesn’t come easy these days. Impulsive spending, bill payments, clubbing and partying, shopping sprees, and car maintenance can burn lots of holes in your pocket, it’s almost impossible to scout for another source of moolah or at least live on a tight budget. Well, fret no more, for here are some tips for [...]

Pump up your saving, save fuel

With petrol prices hitting record levels, using less fuel can mean big savings. Try these tips: Fill up in the morning since it’s cooler there’s less evaporation. Screw the cap tightly to prevent fuel loss via evaporation or spillage. Lighten up. Do you really need to lug all that clutter? Transporting heavy weight can burn [...]