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When children start to explore

When children start to explore

Recently I have noticed an abundant number of queries from random people regarding masturbation – more specifically – relating to children. The most common question of all is “How do I stop this?” which I do find rather unsurprising since the act is probably branded taboo for children but not so much for adults. Okay… [...]

Hot sex is one way to increase your fertility

If YOU’RE TRYING to have a kid, change sex positions as much as possible, or at least break out the chocolate sauce and feathers. Japanese researchers have found that the hotter the sex, the better your sperm count. Researchers compared semen collected from 19 fertile men when they masturbated with and without erotic videos.

Date Rape: Enough is enough

Date Rape: Enough is enough

Date Rape: What is it? Date rape is the non-consensual sexual intercourse by a friend or an acquaintance. This means that one of the persons involved in the sexual act did not agree in doing it or declined at first. Still, many people assume that both the assailant and victim have agreed to do the [...]

An erection that lasted a couple of hours. Dream came true, or dangerous?

On a normal longlasting session, your hardness, will be fluctuated slightly to let blood circulate. That’s different from Priapism. An erectile disorder in which the blood vessels clamp shut and stop blood from circulating. If the penile tissues doesn’t relax within 6 to 8 hours, they can be permanently damaged. Priapism can be a side [...]

The better fingerworks to please your woman

Rubbing too hard, too fast, or too deeply can spoil the pleasure for her. Follow this plan and she’ll let you finish what you start. First, use your index finger to very gently rub her clitoris and her inner and outer lips. Use a circular motion. Slowly move from her clitoris all the way around [...]

Stealth sex, Silent sex

SOMEHOW, sex without moans, squeals, and the occasional howl doesn’t seem complete. But sometimes, you and your mate have to hit the mute button because of light-sleeping kids, thin walls, or visiting in-laws who shouldn’t be subjected to the sounds of you defiling their virtuous daughter. But sneaky can be fun. Here’s some ways to [...]