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Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse

Today, there are people obsessed with losing weight. This is also the reason why different kinds of diet pills, legal or not, are selling like hotcakes. Countless fitness programs are also sprouting here and there! In my opinion, most people, especially the lazy ones, prefer the diet pills, rather than the fitness programs. However, the [...]

Losing Weight in a Healthy Manner

Losing Weight in a Healthy Manner

Losing all the excess weight from your body can never be done in a fast and easy method. You will definitely need a lot of patience to achieve the weight you have been dreaming of. That’s why most people are resorting to the latest fad diets, or trying out the latest weight-loss invention tips without [...]

The Wonders Of Walking

The Wonders Of Walking

Everyday, there are millions of people on the streets and hiking trails, or in the parks and malls. What do they all have in common? They are all doing something involuntary, walking. Walking is an easy way to be fit, reduce stress, and manage weight.

Vitality by excercising

Exercise gives us the energy to speed through life. Increase your energy resources today! Exercising regularly can make a huge difference to your energy levels. Without exercise, we feel sluggish and slow, but when we exercise vigorously the benefits are wide-ranging. Exercise: • actually gives you more energy than you had before • helps nutrients [...]

Healthy slimming tips

  Here are some simple pointers that can help you control those love handles. • Skip butter or margarine on toast and in sandwiches. • Add extra (low-fat) filling to a jacket potato such as sugar-reduced baked beans or sweet corn and peppers, instead of butter or margarine. • Use lemon or low-fat yoghurt as [...]

Sporting activities: a fast, fun way to fitness

Many people prefer to shape up and increase their fitness level through sport instead of doing workout classes. For optimum fitness, the ideal is to incorporate sport into a total fitness programme. Here you’ll find a brief guide to popular sports, their benefits and some easy-to-remember tips. Many provide good aerobic workouts, if played fast [...]

Healthy eating in a healthy lifestyle

Natural, nutritious food is a vital ingredient in a healthy life-style. Here are easy ways to develop good food habits. Eating junk food won’t harm you, provided it is not the staple of your daily diet. However, the foundation of healthy eating lies in supplying your body with all the nutritious items it needs, and [...]

Lose Weight Like a Guy

Why is it that a healthy and active man can lose weight faster than a woman who religiously does aerobics and follows her diet? Men are different from women; everyone knows that. But do they know that men have faster metabolisms? A faster metabolism can be a reason as to why men lose weight faster, [...]

Keep Losing While Moving

What should you do when you want to lose weight, but don’t have the time to go to the gym? Some people panic, and try a futile attempt at dieting by skipping breakfast. Unfortunately, that does not work. Reader’s Digest points out, “The more you eat early in the day, the less you eat throughout [...]

Calculate your way to weightloss

  Weightloss, it’s all about the numbers. Let’s get mathematic and calculate all the calories you need daily, and how much calories you need to get rid off to get to your ideal weight. Number 1: how many calories do you need? Get your weight in pounds. (1kg = 2.2 pounds) For our example, we’ll [...]