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Some may only know him as being one-quarter of the much loved Taiwanese band Fahrenheit, but Jiro Wang Dong Cheng has a host of job descriptions following his name, including actor, singer, guitarist, dancer, and artist. And now, with the launch of his new label he can add one more to the list—designer.

Peer Pressure

  At any one point during a student’s school and social life, he/she is bound to encounter people who have lifestyles and habits that differ from him/her. Unfortunately, some tend to be PRESSURED into doing something that they might not think is right. Why would this happen? In order to be similar to those around [...]

From a Size 5 to 1

From a Size 5 to 1

Written by eddythejerk From the average dress size in the UK being a 12 in 1960, we can understand how the calorific foods today have bumped that average up to a size 16. Girls and women are enjoying their food more than ever and are happy with their curvacious figures; or so we would think.

How to Walk on High Heels

Written by stars13 Nowadays it’s common to see girls walk tirelessly with 3-5 inch heels on the streets or around the mall. But the question is: how do they do it?

‘How to Flatter Your Figure Part One:’ for the Hip

'How to Flatter Your Figure Part One:' for the Hip

Have you ever sat on your bed, among heaps of new jeans, shirts and skirts, stressing about what you’ll look “good” in? Are you frustrated about your figure, just wishing you had a better one? What should you do? First off, don’t panic. Second, enjoy reading the first part of “How to Flatter Your Figure [...]

Picture perfect

Love to hang pictures but just can’t seem to get it right? Or perhaps you’re faced with the “which frame” dilemma? Check out these tips to help you transform your walls into a showcase for masterpiece! Pictures & themes When choosing photos, look for ones that are bold and graphic. Images with lots of little, [...]

To belt up or not?

You wonder if have to wear a belt to be well dressed? Simple answer: yes. You look incomplete without a belt. Why do you think your pants have loops? You should wear one with jeans, khakis, suits, everything but a bathing suit (unless you’re Halle Berry in a James Bond movie). Two rules to keep [...]

The perfect fit jacket

  We’ve taught 4 simple rules to find the perfect fit pants, now it’s time to get that upper body covered. Like a good buddy, a jacket’s got to cover your butt. Have someone make sure the jacket covers the lower curve, with just a bit to spare. The line from the top edge of [...]

Find the pants that fits

  Finding fitting pants ain’t as easy as it seems. Here are 4 rules to find the perfect fit pants. Pants should clasp comfortably at the waist, without any strain. If they’re even a little too small, the pockets will stick out. If the pants are pleated, make sure they’re full enough across the front [...]