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The YMCA (also known as YWCA in other countries, specifically designed for women) is a wonderful place that builds families, communities, and people. YMCA stands for “Young Men’s Christian Association.” When most people hear that, they think that it’s similar to a Christian Church. However, YMCA is far from what people stereotype it as after [...]

The Wonders Of Walking

The Wonders Of Walking

Everyday, there are millions of people on the streets and hiking trails, or in the parks and malls. What do they all have in common? They are all doing something involuntary, walking. Walking is an easy way to be fit, reduce stress, and manage weight.

Run, Run, Run!

Do you want to get rid of all that inner stress and pressure deep within you? Do you think you need to move around once in a while? Perhaps you should go out for a short run once in a while! Running benefits everyone in its own way. Whether you are a kid, adult, or [...]

Vitality by excercising

Exercise gives us the energy to speed through life. Increase your energy resources today! Exercising regularly can make a huge difference to your energy levels. Without exercise, we feel sluggish and slow, but when we exercise vigorously the benefits are wide-ranging. Exercise: • actually gives you more energy than you had before • helps nutrients [...]

Union of Mind, Body and Soul

Yoga has definitely entered the mainstream. The fact is, advertisers are now using yoga-inspired ads to market products as diverse as water, shampoo, facial soap, and other supplements. Yoga apparel, accessories, books, and video have also emerged. Yoga-themed cruises and vacation packages are now being offered by travel agents. But in spite of all the [...]

Fitting exercise into your daily life

Fitting exercise into your daily life

  If you are too busy to get to an exercise class, these simple tips will keep you fit while you are on the move. It can be difficult to schedule exercise sessions when you have a hectic lifestyle. It’s a good idea, therefore, to squeeze fitness moves into your day whenever and wherever you [...]

Sporting activities: a fast, fun way to fitness

Many people prefer to shape up and increase their fitness level through sport instead of doing workout classes. For optimum fitness, the ideal is to incorporate sport into a total fitness programme. Here you’ll find a brief guide to popular sports, their benefits and some easy-to-remember tips. Many provide good aerobic workouts, if played fast [...]

Running for 1 minute can strengthen your shinbones

  It’s healthy to sprint occasionally, and not just when you find yourself at the wrong cash machine after midnight. A study at Hebrew University found that running was the only exercise that strained the shinbones enough to strengthen them—an important factor in fending off stress injuries as you age.

Foot massage good for your health?

  It’s common believe that foot massages, or reflexology is healthy for you. It is based on the chinese idea that each part of your body is “reflected” in your foot sole. The big toe for instance, represents the head. The sinuses are reflected in the meaty area while the neck is in the bone [...]

Lose Weight Like a Guy

Why is it that a healthy and active man can lose weight faster than a woman who religiously does aerobics and follows her diet? Men are different from women; everyone knows that. But do they know that men have faster metabolisms? A faster metabolism can be a reason as to why men lose weight faster, [...]