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Laugh it out!

Do you feel a little gloomy today? Does it feel as if the world has suddenly fallen down on you, or do you simply not feel well? Perhaps there is not enough entertainment and fun in your life. Think about how you can brighten up your day, and improve your health at the same time! [...]

Union of Mind, Body and Soul

Yoga has definitely entered the mainstream. The fact is, advertisers are now using yoga-inspired ads to market products as diverse as water, shampoo, facial soap, and other supplements. Yoga apparel, accessories, books, and video have also emerged. Yoga-themed cruises and vacation packages are now being offered by travel agents. But in spite of all the [...]

Simple Methods to Relax and Release Stress

  One usually feels stressed when he or she is overworked, upset, anxious, tense, frustrated or even worried. Though stress may cause you to do certain unusual things, there is a cure to stress. Here are some quick exercises that could help you relieve the stress in under five minutes:

Foot massage good for your health?

  It’s common believe that foot massages, or reflexology is healthy for you. It is based on the chinese idea that each part of your body is “reflected” in your foot sole. The big toe for instance, represents the head. The sinuses are reflected in the meaty area while the neck is in the bone [...]

Destress! Keep the stress out

Identify the sources of stress in your daily life and then stress-proof your environment with these easy tricks. Stress — that feeling of pressure — sets off a chain reaction of disturbances in the body. Extra adrenalin rushes round (this is part (if the body’s defence system to give you energy in a crisis). The [...]