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Singlish: It’s a Singaporean Thing

Singlish: It's a Singaporean Thing

Person A: Oei, let’s go makan! Person B: Go where eat? Person A: Up to you lor. Person B: You decide lar. Above, is one simple example of our very (in)famous spoken “English”, commonly known as Singlish, short for Singaporean English. It’s a language that is widely used by most Singaporeans as a form of [...]

A Muslim’s Life

What is the life of a Muslim like? Islamic Culture has been alive for as long as Muhammad. It was revived as the prophet and originated in the 6th century. It is the second largest religion in the world – so, why don’t we look even DEEPER at this worldwide religion?

Halloween Costume: GHOST

Halloween is probably one of the most interesting and fun holidays that are out there. All the little children love to go trick-or-treating with their friends under parental supervision; and what’s more, they get tons of candy to eat. This is probably the only occasion when the parents allow their kids to eat so much [...]

Life of a BBC (British Born Chinese) teenager

Life of a BBC (British Born Chinese) teenager

What can teenagers get up to during the summer holidays in the heart of London? As a BBC (British Born Chinese) who speaks both fluent English and Cantonese, it isn’t hard to guess that most of the summer is spent hanging out with a large group of Chinese friends in China Town.

Feast Of The Black Nazarene

Feast Of The Black Nazarene

The Philippines is one of the countries that has a large Catholic population. This is why you can spot churches easily while touring. One of the most famous churches in the Philippines is the Quiapo Church in Manila, the home of the Black Nazarene.

Adapting to Other Cultures

You have entered a new world and are completely unfamiliar with their ways of thinking, their customs, their food, and simply anything about their culture. What do you do? Do you act disrespectful and rude by refusing to acknowledge their hard work and effort? Do you make them feel uncomfortable by remaining silent and refusing [...]

The Music Of China

The Music Of China

Article written by Kitsie Everyone knows about music, right? Guitars, pianos, and harps are all modern instruments that most people are familiar with. What about ancient Chinese music that dates all the way back to the Zhou Dynasty, from 1122 BC – 256 BC? What about the music of our ancestors? Though the music today [...]

Chichibu Yomatsuri

Chichibu Yomatsuri

  In the small town of Chichibu, near Tokyo, Japan, the time for firework preparations has once again arrived. 秩父ã?®ã‚ˆç¥­ (Chichibu’s night festival) is celebrated on the nights of December 2nd as well as on the 3rd.

[The Five W's] Proposing in China in the 1600′s

[The Five W's] Proposing in China in the 1600's

[The Five W's] : Proposing in the 1600s. It is a cool, summer day as you walk by a park, and you see two lovers getting married. Do you know what they did in the old days? Lovers did get married however, there were many differences. Compare these two situations: COMPARE Situation 1] After dating [...]

Chinese Ghost Festival (Part 2)

The Chinese feel that they have to satisfy the ghosts in order to get good fortune and luck in their lives. During the 7th month, the Chinese offer prayers to the deceased relatives and burn joss sticks. In Singapore, it is a common sight to see entertaining ‘wayang’ shows and concerts performed on outdoor stages [...]