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Some may only know him as being one-quarter of the much loved Taiwanese band Fahrenheit, but Jiro Wang Dong Cheng has a host of job descriptions following his name, including actor, singer, guitarist, dancer, and artist. And now, with the launch of his new label he can add one more to the list—designer.

On February 14th, 2010, Jiro Wang surprised his fans and supporters with the launching of MUA—his own official label. The February 14th launch has been a trial run, using a temporary website to collect pre-orders and gather feedback until the official site is launched on March 14th. And from the looks of it, I think it’s safe to say that this trial run has proven successful as the reaction thus far has been exceptional. Only halfway through the month, MUA has already outsold one particular design, and has had group orders from across the globe—including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and North America—making MUA succeed at appearing worldwide even before its official launch.

What’s behind the name?
Jiro Wang wants the same thing we all long to see: world peace. He believes that love has many components and expressions, and can touch the hearts of all. And so we have MUA—the sound of spreading love. Joining him to spread this love is MUA’s spokesperson—or should I say, spokesrobot—Jo. Those who are familiar with Jiro’s art from previous years already know Jo the robot, who has now made his reappearance for this project. He is introduced on the website as coming from a planet where only love exists, without impurities; and he now hopes to see the same here on Earth. That is the goal of MUA – to spread love all around.
The whole concept of MUA and Jo is not only creative and fun, but at the same time meaningful and something that we can all relate to. It’s a unique aspect to the label, which people have already responded to in a positive way.

The designs
All of the product designs are original creations by Jiro Wang. Included in the pre-launch are 5 designs from which MUA supporters can choose from to pre-order. The designs include the MUA Lips logo (the official expression of MUA love), Jo logo (with the incredibly sweet words “If I were to fall in love, it would have to be with you”), and three limited edition designs which comprise of the bright and cheerful “I [heart] MUA” (in which we catch a glimpse of Jo himself), and 2 Rocker designs, which express Jiro’s love for rock and roll (and feature the words, “If u want me MUA, U have to rock and roll”). The designs are quite simple—but in a good way. They’re colourful, yet not overdone, and as such, the focal designs are eye-catching and really stand out. Once the official site is launched, there will be more designs added, as well as other products, including hats and bags. And as Jiro hinted, he “will eagerly design more daring designs before the official debut on 3.14,” and also will be continuously sharing his design process with everyone, including rough sketches; something all supporters of MUA will look forward to.

MUA T-shirt

So far, it seems as though Jiro and Jo have been seeing and feeling the love that MUA is all about through the support and success it has already achieved. With such a great response so far, as the official site launches it seems as if it’s just a matter of time before MUA’s love will be spread everywhere! Planet MUA, here we come!

You can check out the temporary website at, and be sure to return on March 14th, 2010 when will be officially launched with new features and products.
You can also follow MUA on Sina and receive regular updates at

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