Bejeweled Blitz

3 March 2010 Games, Reviews No Comment


This review is written by SoulReaper @Asianfanatics. This is a personal opinion and no personal attacks are intended.

Title: Bejeweled Blitz
Developer/Publisher: PopCap
Platform: PC
Genre: Casual, Strategy
Application(s) needed: Facebook
Target audience: Everyone

Ever since its launch, the Bejeweled Blitz’s predecessor, none other than the first Bejeweled game itself, has been a hit despite its very simple gameplay and has now been officially categorized as a classic. The next installment of the Bejeweled family has been quite an additional source of entertainment and although gameplay-wise, it’s still the same, it’s amazing how people can play it for hours, whether on the way to work or just for a break.

The Facebook application of the Bejeweled family has certainly been quite a hit as well, where friends can challenge each other to see who gets the highest score. It’s fun, and the hint of competition adds some motivation to the game for Facebook users, even though it’s a very short 1-minute game. Recently, the developers have decided to include a BOOST feature which I can only say, is a little too redundant. Although it does gives you some sort of well, boost, its power is insignificant – you can’t really see how much it benefits you. Bejeweled Blitz would still fare well without this feature. On the other hand, I like the fact that the developing team is constantly churning out new ideas for this particular Facebook application instead of leaving it to rot in space.

This Facebook game is suitable for anyone looking for a short break from work, or while traveling on public transport looking for some sort of entertainment to cure themselves of boredom, specifically meant for those who have access to Facebook from their phones or netbooks.

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