Education: Love it or Hate it

Education: Love it or Hate it

“School sucks!”

“I wish I could have holidays all year round (although you know that won’t happen)!”

There’s at least one time in your life when you’ve said it, but did you really mean it? Many a time, we say things on impulse, usually prompted greatly by something that painstakingly makes you feel like you’re in hell. For example, studying for the subject that forces you to churn out and know mental sums like the back of your hand, or the subject that forces you to memorize tons and tons of convoluted and useless equations.

We are born inquisitive. We question many things in life, yet we rarely question the root of the educational system. We are going to school because we have to, because our parents want us to, and because we’re bounded by society’s standards. We are just forcing ourselves to fulfill the wishes of people whom we owe our lives and morals to.

We study, we pass, we get on to the next level, forget everything, and then the whole cycle repeats again. We learn things that are supposedly meant to be useful for our future, yet only after having gone through it, do we realize how useless it was. However, there will always be someone above you telling you that what you’re studying is going to be useful to your career, and on the other hand, there will also be a bunch of other people telling you that whatever you’re learning now is just the tip of the iceberg: You will only start to learn the real thing when you finally step into the working world. So what do we believe?

Let’s admit it. Education is necessary, though not nearly as essential as our health and family. We NEED it to survive in this competitive world. Whether you like it or not, it’s not up to you to decide, but by what society wants us to do. You may hate it all you want, but at the end of the day, you still have to force yourself to like it, and sometimes to a cruel standard, love it.

There will always be people who doubt the piece of paper you get after graduation. What use is that piece of paper? Simple – it’s the proof of your education. But that’s not all to it. The paper you get at your graduation ceremony is merely just a piece of paper. Although it proves that you went to school, it doesn’t prove yourself to future employers your real capabilities and talents, it’s unquestionably a stepping stone to the next level in your life.

So if there’s anything that’s in your way to reaching your goal, it’s that piece of paper. You may hate it all you want, but remember, you NEED it. It doesn’t need you, as there will always be millions of people studying for it. Whether it’s a high school diploma or your university certificate, work hard for it. You will never know when it may become useful to you in the future.

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