Mario Kart DS

8 February 2010 Games, Reviews One Comment

Mario Kart DS

Title: Mario Kart DS
Developer/ Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Kart Racing
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release Date: Nov 14, 2005
ESRB: Everyone

This review is written by SoulReaper @ Asianfanatics. It is a personal opinion, and no personal attacks are intended.

What beats having fun with your friends on the wireless DS network? Nothing! Mario Kart DS is a casual racing game that promises an interactive game play that is sufficient to keep one occupied for a long period of time. Racing on the tracks with your favorite characters from the Mario series in various challenging modes, while sabotaging friends and having a great laugh at the same time is indeed something fun with no serious thinking involved.

The downside? Extremely boring missions that might appeal to the much younger audience but to the older ones, it’s a little too easy-peasy for their liking. However, there are many features to be unlocked while the game waits for you to accomplish its objectives, and various play modes are available to spice up your gaming experience, whether as an individual or as a group.

Race to be the best! This seems to be the motto of the game. A cabinet of medals waits to be filled as you compete in every race and there are various characters to pick from to suit your liking. There’s also a great range of maps to choose from, each having its own difficulty level, depending on your ability to survive through the challenge and eventually emerging as the champion.

In conclusion, Mario Kart DS is a rather addictive game. Moreover, who can deny the awesome cute graphics and background music? But don’t forget, if you want the best of your gaming experience, remember to plug in your earpiece! Well, at least from what I have done so far, sound effects come in handy especially when one of the CPUs or your friends try to sabotage you!

Overall Rating: 9/10

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