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Lose Weight Like a Guy

Why is it that a healthy and active man can lose weight faster than a woman who religiously does aerobics and follows her diet? Men are different from women; everyone knows that. But do they know that men have faster metabolisms? A faster metabolism can be a reason as to why men lose weight faster, [...]

When To Break Up

No relationship is perfect — that is given. We can’t prevent obstacles from happening; it’s normal in relationships. But what if it gets too far? Are you going to choose between martyrdom and freedom? Here are some signs of an unhealthy relationship. Physically hurting you. Nobody deserves to be hit for any reason. If your [...]

The Sony Reader PRS500 and PDF’s part 2

The Sony Reader PRS500 and PDF's part 2

A user asked me to make some pictures of programming PDFs for the Sony Reader, well here they are. Some excerpts from the book Elsevier’s C Sharp 2.0 Practical Guide for Programmers (2005) First set are three pictures of the PDF itself, loaded directly into the reader (no processing) Click to see large pic The [...]